Shipping & Returns


All shipping prices include handling costs.  Shipping costs are laid out in the order section of the site.  Shipping normally takes 5-10 business days in the U.S.  We currently do not accept customer's shipping account numbers for shipping.  If several titles are ordered and one is back-ordered, there will be no additonal charge beyond what the total would have been for shipping all titles at the same time.  All other titles not back-ordered will be shipped immediately.


We only accept returns for replacement of faulty discs.  This does not include problems created by scratches or other mishandling of discs such as excessive heat exposure.  If you have a faulty disc, please include information about what DVD players it does not function in properly.  Also include a copy of a receipt of purchase or a cpy of the original purchase order.  Send the disc to our main office and our technician will analyze the disc and confirm the problem.  A new disc will be sent to replace the confirmed problematic disc.